Two Main Types Of Equestrian Clothing

In ancient times, people used horses, elephants and other such animals for travelling purposes which not just took people from one place to another but also moved their luggage from one location to another.  Besides that, horse racing was one of the favorite sports of people in those days as well.  So, the concept of horse riding or equestrian has been there since forever. The style of equestrian clothing kept on varying from time to time. In this article, we will be discussing about equestrianism, equestrian clothing and two main types of equestrian clothing.

Equestrianism and equestrian clothing:

Equestrianism is another name for horse riding. It is the sport in which a person or a rider sits on a horse and then rides it in various ways. Equestrian clothing is clothing that is worn by a rider before riding a horse. It is the basic requirement for riding a horse because clothing of arider ensures his safety and comfort. The clothing that is worn by a rider is known as equestrian clothing while the objects or items that are put on a horse are known as horse gears.

Various types of equestrian clothing:

The style of equestrian clothing has been changed a lot since ancient times. In ancient times, women used to wear long velvet gowns along with the high boots and breeches while men used to wear velvet waist coats along with high boots and tight fitted riding pants womens. However, in today’s world two main types of horse riding clothing can be seen. Firstly, there are the everyday riding clothes while second type is the formal riding clothes meant for shows. However, same set of boots, helmet and gloves can be worn in both types.

Everyday riding clothes include riding pants which are quiet important for rider’s comfort and functionality. Knee patch, full seat, high rise are different types of riding pants. These riding pants are also known as riding breeches. Besides them, riding shirts are required which can be of any type but wearing a shirt that is specifically designed for horse riding is more recommendable. Then there are belts which ups the rider’s style game. On the other hand, formal riding clothes include the riding pants of white or beige colors. The shirt worn by rider in shows must be collared and must wear a tie. Coats are also basic necessity for show riding clothes.


Equestrianism is the process of riding a horse. Equestrian clothes are the clothes that are worn by the rider before riding a horse. Equestrian clothes can be divided into two types; everyday riding clothes and formal riding clothes. Everyday riding clothes include riding pants, riding shirts, helmet, boots, belts and gloves. On the other hand formal riding clothes include beige colored pants, collared shirts, tie, coat, boots and helmet. “Giddy up girl” provides the best quality of equestrian clothing for girls of all ages. They ensure the comfort and protection of a rider.