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How To Plan A Small Scale Wedding

Some people prefer their weddings to be done in a small and simple scale from that of the grand, expensively themed ones. Most feel that the smaller the wedding is done, the more intimate and closer the time spent is for the most important day of a couple’s life. Regardless of whether it is a big, lavish wedding or a small one, the preparation of the big day is a hectic one nevertheless and needs meticulous planning. Mentioned below are some factors you can consider in planning a small scale reception.

The benefits

Having only a close set of invitees at the event would not make the event less meaningful; rather it would make it more special and lets you focus on the people that matter to you most. Most wedding venues for small weddings can take place in more relaxed places unlike formal gatherings and this helps cut down on the costs of rent substantially. You would also be able to talk to guests and get to know each other on a more personal level that is beyond a simple hello.


In setting up a budget, it is important to determine the scale of the event because the term small needs to be established in numbers and can mean a different scale as per each individual. Therefore, in determining the budget, the number of guests and what type of reception you will be having is essential. Stick to this budget from the start to the end as it will be easy to deviate from the budget in between the planning process. Various decoration ideas, meal set up ideas can make you want to exceed your pre-planned budget for wedding receptions, however with discipline and focus, this can be avoided as it is not the same as having corporate Christmas party ideas.

Other important areas

Even the smallest of weddings will require meticulous preparation in areas such as food and drinks set up, entertainment, decorations, photography and so on. This is apart from getting the venue arranged including the registrar and any other church or chapel arrangements. A small wedding is basically, a scaled down version of a larger one, thus has the same intricate details to be followed on a different scale so it does not make it any easier.

Unimportant areas

While there are no unimportant areas when planning out the big day, there can be some areas that might be excessive or not an immediate necessity that we are focusing a little too much on. A small wedding after all is about trimming down any excess materials that you do not really need.

Your Business Needs A Touch Of Glamour!

The glamour is a very special word indeed. The better way to elaborate it further will be the visible examples. When we say glamour, well get one thing first to our minds. That would be party and occasions. We all know parties are always glamorous, and in general those have to be glamorous. This becomes even more elegant when it comes to the world of business. Business world parties are not only glamorous but elegant too.

When it comes to celebrations, glamour and elegance should always be there whether it is a formal or casual function. In the field of business, this is a crucial matter. Because you are targeting a crowd beyond normal expectations. Business events are hosted not only to cheer up the visitors and honorable guest, but also to obtain the publicity free of charge.

Corporate events Melbourne are always planned ahead with the special consultation and assistance of event management teams, as they really don’t need to make a single mistake or a negative point.

Such corporate functions always seek for attention and publicity in whatever they do. The world of business is a highly sensible area and comprise with immense competition all the time. To face such challenges and challenge back at that competition, each business should be really unique in whatever they do.

That is why they do not think twice to allocate significant amounts of budgets for such occasions. Media is one of the most effective ways to approach the public and their mindsets quickly. Gracing their official ceremonies with the help of media is one of the prime goals in the world of business. As the results have a greater influencing power on their financials.

Planning upfront, in advance will always allow you to do your task successfully. Therefore, whether it is related to your business goals or personal celebrations, plan plan plan. Planning can help you to choose the best and bring out the real spirit of glamour and essence of elegance. Laying your event plan first will help you out when to start, how to arrange, what to do and so much other important things pertaining to your event.

Remember, parties, occasions, celebrations, all need to be glamorous at any cost, that is the motive behind all these activities. If your event is not giving this effect in real, it means, it needs more improvement and planning has not been done properly. Plan for elegance and plan for glamour. If you plan it in a proper manner, it really does not involve much of expenses at all.