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Encourage Your Child To Engage In Exploratory Learning

I have always been fascinated by the use of machinery for the maximization of both time and profit. Perhaps, it is this interest which later compelled me to study logistic management. Needless to say, I find working with multinational companies, dealing with movement and management of goods exciting. The first experience which sparked my curiosity about the field is a visit to a warehouse as a child. Hence, I think it is important for children to learn and explore new aspects of life to identify their passions and interest.

I remember visiting the warehouse in which my uncle worked when I was in school. The sheer amount of goods which were being moved around, coordination which looks into every last details and the high level of efficiency caught my attention. It seemed like an intricate puzzle which was being solved by a large group of people. I also noted the impeccable division of labour within the complex and how each step was reliant on the completion of the previous one. In other words, it looked like social system on its own, with designated roles, structures and processes to ensure that everything runs smoothly. The way in which machinery complemented the use of manpower was simply fascinating.

One of the most striking elements of the building was the machinery within it ranging from forklifts Melbourne to small cranes. I was fascinated by how the use of machinery simplified the work which should have been otherwise carried by manual labour. The simplest of the tools such as the forklifts, played a crucial role in transporting large quantities of goods at a time. I was fascinated by machinery that I when I got home I found out as much information as I could find on these equipment.

I went into such detail that I even looked at forklift parts Australia. At the time, it all may have been done with the enthusiasm of a child, but in hindsight I understand that delving into the uses and the features of equipment compelled me to think how you are used currently and how they can be improved. Without realizing it, I was analyzing the uses of equipment, their role in the system and the ways in which their efficiency could be enhanced. Therefore, I am an ardent advocate of exploratory learning as it allows students to think logically and constructively, and grasp a concept. It is also more effective than teacher-centered classroom learning which limits practical exploration of subject matter. As a parent, you can take small steps to encourage exploratory learning within the household and once geared to process information logically within relevant the context, you child would naturally apply the same thinking into their decision making process.