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All You Need To Know About Storm Water Pits

We are living in a time, where we have managed to create a system that provides sustainability. But to achieve this sustainability, there has been a long process of innovation. There are many things around us which cannot be seen by eyes but have a very important role in our life. For example, things like sydney water grease trap, many people might not even know what water grease trap does, but still their other people who have one in their kitchen and can’t function without it. In terms of the grease trap, some people can afford to skip but now we will be talking about one thing, which seems insignificant but extremely important for house, roads or society, Stormwater pits.

While walking on the road, we never realized how the roads become clear of water after the rain and where all that water goes? Imagine, if that water stays on road for longer or there is no drainage for that water, then that water may accumulate and also enters your home. In that situation, you might realize that you have never given enough credit to stormwater pits.


The heavy rainfall may last for hours, during that time if the water will not get a proper drainage route, it will accumulate. The stormwater pits collect the water and provide the proper route for drainage away from the property.   The stormwater pit itself is the rainwater collection pit and then it is connected with further drainage pipes, to drain the water in the allocated area. Because the rainwater will directly go to drainage pipes, that may choke the pipes due to the excess amount of water flow. The stormwater pits provide enough time to drainage pipes by storing the water first.


Think the life without stormwater pits. You have excess water in front of your house and roads. The stagnant water can do great damage to the properties. Even the water will make movement restricted and messy. You can see the absence of stormwater pits in the towns, where the drainage systems are old. They still have such problems. But in Sydney, you cannot imagine your life with stormwater pits. Cities like Sydney, cannot functions with the help of stormwater pits because of heavy traffic on road, any excess water can choke the city movement. 


The stormwater pits are usually made of the pre-cast concrete pit, another material is used like polypropylene in making stormwater pits. But still, the concrete pits are in common use. The size and capacity of the pits can be estimated based on the history of rainfall in a certain area. The stormwater pits are installed by professional, as they require specialised tool and knowledge. Even the size of stormwater is usually bigger and needs lifting equipment to install. The water entry pit should have mesh or leaves guard to block the debris to enter into the pit.

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